Salon Chairs For Sale

Salons differ in their requirement and hence there are many different types of salon chairs available in the market. It is important to choose the right kind of Salon Chairs For Sale to ensure that your clients do not face any discomfort while sitting in these chairs for long periods of time. However, many salon owners find it confusing to select the right kind of chair suitable for the services offered by them. Usually it is necessary for a salon to possess multiple chairs to be used with different types of services. The options in the type of salon chairs are increasing with new advancements, but there are three basic types of chairs which most salons need and are also the most popular.

Electric shampoo chair

These units are specially designed to shampooing very convenient for the stylist while the patron also feels comfortable in the chair while getting serviced. There is a twofold key which ensures this ease and comfort. The first one is that the chair should include features that make the process of shampooing easier. For this the chair needs to have foot controlled reclining seats and leg rests, the height is adjustable and the possibility to change the angle of reclining fast. Usually the shampooing salon chairs for sale have to be paired with the shampoo bowl or basin with which it is supposed to be used. However, keep in mind that you should consider both the comfort of the stylist as well as the patron while choosing a shampooing chair.

Salon Chairs For Sale

All purpose chairs

The all purpose unit is the most common and seen in almost all salons. This all purpose chair is designed keeping versatility in mind. The unique design ensures that it can be used for shampooing, massage, makeup and styling. Nowadays many all purpose chairs are being designed such that they can be used with electrical wash units. These wash units are different from the regular unit because they provide for an area that is multifunctional between the chair and the rear basin. This space allows easier working with conditioner and hair treatments. Some units also come with an automatic thermostatic mixer which saves energy, water and makes it easy for the hair stylist to use as the water is supplied at a constant temperature. Hence such a unit is very compatible with the all purpose salon chairs for sale.

Styling chair

The third type of chair is the styling chair which offers the widest variety of all the salon chairs. This is because they can be custom designed to match the décor of the salon. Usually styling chairs have a low back to make sure that the stylist can perform his or her task without making the customer uncomfortable. The best styling chairs are equipped with three dimensional set back, comfortable foot rest and padded arm rests.

Different qualities of salon chairs

These are the three main types of salon chairs for sale available in the market and you need to choose one which suits the services you provide. As mentioned earlier you may need to buy more than one type of chair if you have a multi functional salon like most salons are. However, do keep in mind that not all manufacturers of salon chairs for sale make the chairs with the same quality standards and there are many inferior chairs available in the market. This is the reason that you need to keep certain things in mind while choosing any kind of salon chair.

•    The first thing that you need to keep in mind is of course the comfort of the stylist and the patron and since you are an experienced salon owner, you will be able to discern this factor from the design of the chair.

•    The second thing that you should consider is the quality of ergonomics. For this it may be a good idea to try out the chair before you actually purchase it. This may not be possible if you are buying the salon chairs for sale online in which case you may have to rely on customer reviews to understand their quality.

•    Of course the most important thing is to buy all products including salon chairs for sale from reputed suppliers.


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