How To Find Salon Chairs That Keep Your Customers and Stylists Happy

There are all kinds of salon chairs on the market, and you need to be choosy about the kind of salon chairs you purchase for your business. With the vast array of salon chairs on the market, it can be confusing for salon owners to find just the right type for their clients/customers. It’s not unusual for a salon to buy more than one kind of chair due to the different needs they satisfy.  

3 Commonly Used Chairs In Today’s Salons

With advancements happening all the time, the number of salon chair options is increasing. Still, there are three primary kinds of chairs salons will choose from to install in their business.

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Electric Shampoo Chair

The electric shampoo chair has been designed solely for two reasons – to make it easier to shampoo a client’s hair while ensuring the client’s comfort while their hair is being washed. With this kind of chair, there need to be features that ensure shampooing a client’s hair is more manageable. There should be foot-reclining seats, leg rests, an adjustable height option and other worthwhile features.  

With a touch of a button, the stylist can adjust the chair’s height to the client’s height to meet the neck of the shampoo bowl. Many electric shampoo chairs have a manually controlled kick-out leg rest. 

Many times, when in the market for an electric shampoo chair, you will find that the electric shampoo salon chairs are sold with shampoo basins/bowls they should be used with.  

However, you will want to consider the stylist’s and client’s comfort when buying shampooing chairs. 

All-Purpose Chair 

This is the most commonly purchased salon chair, offering versatility and use for shampooing, styling, makeup and massage. Today’s all-purpose chairs are created for use with electric wash units and are ideal as they offer a multifunctional area between the rear basin and chair. Stylists can efficiently work to condition and treat hair. 

Some models have an automatic thermostatic mixer that will save you both energy and water. 

Styling Chair

This is the third most common kind of chair with the largest variety of models on the market. 

These are easily customizable chairs that can match a salon’s décor. Most styling chairs have a low-back design that helps stylists work without compromising the client’s comfort. The best one will have a three-dimensional setback, padded armrest and comfortable footrest. 

Other Chairs You May Want To Add To Your Salon

  • Portable Massage Chair Add some uniqueness to your salon with a portable massage chair. You can include the option as an added bonus or cost. A client can sit down and enjoy a massage as you serve their needs. With a portable massage chair, you can use take it outside your salon too. If you make house calls to friends and family, consider bringing the chair (in its carrying case) to give them a little extra comfort. Make sure to find a portable massage chair that can be adjusted for the different sizes and shapes of your clients.
  • Pedicure Massage Chair If your salon is going to offer more than just a cut and style, such as pedicures, consider a pedicure massage chair. This kind of chair allows the clients to relax and enjoy a massage while you give them a pedicure.
  • Facial Chair If your salon offers a facial, then you want to buy a facial chair. This kind of chair is designed only for giving clients’ facials. They will be easy to lift, lower and recline while ensuring your customers feel comfortable and at ease.
  • Salon Reception Chair Your business’ reception area is going to set the tone for prospective clients/customers. Make sure to choose comfortable and eye-appealing reception chairs that invite customers into the business (and keep your reception staff comfortable).

7 In-Depth Tips To Help You Find The Best Salon Chairs For Your Business

As a salon business owner, you may feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices available. It’s not unheard of to feel unsure of which kind actually to invest in. With so many companies offering salon chairs, it can be difficult to know who to go with. There are few helpful tips to bring the list down to just one when looking at chair options and brands. What are some things to keep in mind?

Client’s Comfortability

About all else, when considering a salon chair, you need to consider first your client’s comfort. How comfortable is the chair? It’s not uncommon for some clients to sit in a salon chair for hours, depending on the service they are getting. When it comes to comfortable salon chairs, there are several key things to look for:

  • High-density foam cushions
  • Lumbar support
  • Suitable width to meet all client sizes

When looking at chairs, you need to consider their structure and shape. What are the arms made of – metal or cushion. Is the chair closed in, or does it have open sides? The aspect of comfort is going to be different for every salon shop because the clientele will be different for each one. 

When buying your salon chairs, you need to ask yourself who will your clientele be or is your clientele? What will ensure they return to your place of business? When it comes to retaining clients, keeping them comfortable during their styling is just one key.

Stylist’s Comfortability 

As you see, keeping a client comfortable is a necessity in ensuring they come back. However, you also want to consider the comfort of your stylist. A stylist’s job is physically demanding, and it’s essential to look at how you can make your stylist feel comfortable on the job.  

Look for a chair with hydraulics that can be adjusted to the stylist’s height. When you consider chairs, consider the stylist’s height. Find chairs that keep them from constantly bending or reaching for things, which can happen when the chair is too short or tall. Some hydraulic chairs have a significant travel range from tall stylists, while some are designed low to the ground for the shorter stylists. 

You also want to ensure your stylist can lock the chair at their preferred height and that it offers the most mobility. 


A salon chair can run you hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on what you’re looking for from it. Therefore, when in the market for a salon chair, determine how much you’re willing to spend and abide by the amount.  

When determining the budget, you need to invest more into chairs that will last and are durable. You also want those chairs that can be a focal point of the business. 

Chair prices are often determined by the features that come with it, such as a hydraulic pump or the product material. Make sure that your chairs come from a source you can trust and feel confident in – a company that will stand by its product. It would be nice if you could afford the most expensive models on the market, but reality means you can’t. Therefore, keep your eyes peeled for chairs that meet your function, fashion and budget needs. You may find many high-quality chairs for a reasonable price. 


How well your chair is made is another aspect to consider. Again, your budget will have a role in chair quality, but make sure it includes high-quality styling chairs that you can pick from. While quality salon styling chairs will cost more, they last longer than cheaper ones with little to no features. In the end, you’ll save yourself money.

How do you know if a salon chair offers great quality? Be sure to consider the following:

  • Brand name
  • Company reputation
  • Warranties
  • Customer reviews

Many salon chairs are made in the U.S., which is worth noting if you’re looking for a high-quality salon chair.


Many salon business owners fail to consider material in salon chairs when in the market. However, the material is an essential factor to look at. Avoid fabrics and go with high-quality vinyl to easily maintain the chair and for durability. With the metal parts of the chair, choose chrome as the material as it’s highly durable and offers a chic look. The powder coating will hide any wear and tear. 

Be mindful of the base options, not just for how it looks but for your clients too. Each base type has pros and cons – flat round, standard round, flat square, Italian, star, etc. However, many bases have coating options, such as the black-powder-coated base that reduces wear and tear signs. 

Maintenance and Cleaning 

When buying your salon chairs, you also want to consider how easy they will be to maintain and clean. You want the chairs to always look brand new, and what products are used during the styling process can have a detrimental effect on how people see your business.  

Stick with dark-colored material, which won’t show wear and tear as quickly as the light, bright colors. Leather and fabric materials can also wear out quickly and be a challenge to take care of; vinyl material is much easier to maintain and clean. 

You also want to look at the chair’s structure to find the openings, creases and cleaning shoots. Where they are can make it easy or difficult to remove hair that’s fallen during the cut. Tight creases make it harder to clean the hair out between services. 

While the chair is the crucial aspect you’ll be looking at, make sure to consider the chrome base too. 


Most companies offer a warranty on their salon chairs, and those that don’t should not be considered at all. No warranties often correlate with poor quality and short lifespans. You want to choose salon chairs that offer a minimum one-year warranty. 

Also, find out about their customer service team. How quick are they to respond to inquiries? If they are slow to respond, they may not be with you when you need them the most. Look for a company that will quickly get back to you with answers to questions or concerns you have. 


When it comes to shopping for salon chairs, you can’t be too picky. Do your homework and find models that fit your needs and budget. Take your time and look for products that will last you for a long time. You want chairs that are easy to clean, durable and comfortable for both the client and stylist, all from a reputable company with a dedicated customer support team ready to address your questions at a moment’s notice.

Take nothing less than the best. Your business’ success will depend on it.